Sink or Swim: Get Your Degree Without Drowning in Debt, Sarah Deveau

Sink or Swim: Get Your Degree Without Drowning in Debt, Sarah DeveauUndergraduate fees for universities and colleges across Canada have more than doubled in every province over the past decade. Today, the average student debt load after graduation is almost $20,000. PIndividuals considering a post-secondary education are looking for intelligent, resourceful ways to fund their education without mortgaging their future. Those currently in school are trying to find ways to cut their spending, increase their income, and make it to convocation without incurring massive debt. PSink or Swim is the answer to their troubles. This book will guide students through their post-secondary education, encouraging them to live within their means by being creative with their lifestyle. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Sink or Swim: Get Your Degree Without Drowning in Debt (Sarah Deveau)

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