How to Ruin Your Financial Life, Ben Stein, Benjamin Stein

How to Ruin Your Financial Life, Ben Stein, Benjamin SteinAnyone can write a book about how to get rich. The bookstores are full of them. They rarely work, though, which isn#146;t surprising since the people who write them rarely know much about money. PBut it takes Ben Stein, economist, finance expert for Barron#146;s, commentator on finance for Fox News, and (fairly) successful investor to write a book called How to Ruin Your Financial Life. Written with the same tongue-in-cheek cheekiness as his bestselling How to Ruin Your Life, this book is a humorousroad map showing you how to make something useful of the money that comes in and out of your life. Follow the rules#151;in reverse gear#151;and you#146;re bound to be a lot better off than you are now. Follow the rules as they#146;re written#151;andyou#146;re highly likely to wind up in bankruptcy court#151;as millions do every decade. PHere are some of the rules, just to whet your appetite: Collect as Many Credit Cards as You Can and Use Them Frequently; Compete with Your Friends to See Who Can Own the Most Expensive and High-Status Possessions; Know in Your Gut That Only Suckers Work Hard for Money and That Smarties Like You Only Have to Find an Angle; Remember That Retirement Is a L-ooo-nnn-g Way Off, and Don#146;t Even Think about It Right Now; Bear in Mind That Only Little People Pay Their Bills or Taxes; Don#146;t Bother to Own Your Own Home Because Home Ownership Is a Hassle...and many more. PThis book is a laugh-out-loud way to educate yourself, your children, and your friends about how money really works...and a way to smile while you#146;re straightening out that mess you call your financial life. Обо всём этом и не только в книге How to Ruin Your Financial Life (Ben Stein, Benjamin Stein)

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