Keys to Success: How to Achieve Your Goals, Carol Carter, Joyce Bishop, Sarah Lyman Kravits

Keys to Success: How to Achieve Your Goals, Carol Carter, Joyce Bishop, Sarah Lyman KravitsLearn-by-doing in approach and exceptionally broad-based in perspective, this best-selling guide to success in college, work, and life is based on the premise that if readers know themselves and can think critically about Iany topic or situation, they will succeed in Iwhatever they do. Includes straight talk and a variety of activities for thinking, teamwork, career and goal planning, writing, using the Internet, etc. Content focuses on issues that touch the lives of all kinds of diverse students/readers#151;from urban community college students to returning adults to working students to students of any age, race, gender, family and marital status, economic situation, or other unique identification. Features inspiring and motivating IPersonal Triumph scenarios involving famous and ordinary people from here and abroad. Quick Start to College: A Guide to Knowing What to Do, How to Do It, and Where to Get Help. Welcome to College: Opening Doors. Self-Awareness: Knowing How You Learn and How to Choose a Major. Goal Setting and Time Management: Using Values to Map Your Course. Critical and Creative Thinking: Becoming an Active Learner. Reading and Studying: Focusing on Content. Listening, Memory, and Note Taking: Taking In, Retaining, and Recording Information. Researching and Writing: Gathering and Communicating Ideas. Test Taking: Showing What You Know. Relating to Others: Living in a Diverse World. Wellness and Stress Management: Taking Care of Yourself. Managing Career and Money: Reality Resources. Moving Ahead: Building a Flexible Future. For college students and anyone wanting a primer on how to be successful in school, at work, or in life. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Keys to Success: How to Achieve Your Goals (Carol Carter, Joyce Bishop, Sarah Lyman Kravits)

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