Sports Marketing, Sam Fullerton

Sports Marketing, Sam FullertonSports Marketing presents this field as a new discipline, helping readers gain a stronger understanding of how to apply marketing strategies and tactics within the sports marketing environment. Fullerton crafted this w text to present the discipline of sports marketing in two broad perspectives. The first part of the text (Chapters 3 - 14) examines using a sports platform as a foundation for the marketing of non-sports products, including examples such as Tiger Woodsndorsement of Tag Heuer watches and Coca-Colas sponsorship of soccers World Cup. The second part of the text (Chapters 15 - 22) deals with the marketing of sports products, increasing media audiences, increasing live attendance, the selling of sports-reted products, and more. This is not simply a basic marketing text using sports examples. This new title fills a gap for this newly recognized course area by presenting a strong business perspective through its content. It looks athe economic impact of the industry and identifies an array of career opportunities for students interested in sports marketing. There is comprehensive coverage of how sports are used as a marketing platform and an abundance of real-world national and intnational examples to support the material. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Sports Marketing (Sam Fullerton)

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