Liberalization and Growth in Asia: 21st Century Challenges, Mohamed Ariff

Liberalization and Growth in Asia: 21st Century Challenges, Mohamed AriffThis book reveals significant lessons on how economic prosperity was secured for people over three decades in eight Asian countries. It focuses on the careful way in which these nations designed and implemented pro-growth, liberal economic and financial policies. A new phenomenon - namely financial fragility - in the more liberalized fast growth Asian economies is also examined. The authors explore why only some of the early reformers among China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, and Thailand succumbed to a serious financial crisis in 1997 while others did not. They also analyze the impact of policies implemented by the crisis-hit economies, either under the IMF restructuring programs or independent pursuit of capital and currency controls. The book goes on to identify the weaknesses of the banking sector in order to explain the reasons behind the financial crisis. The book concludes with lessons for other emerging economies undertaking economic and financial development through liberalization. These examples reveal policies that could be prescribed in order to prevent future problems. Focusing on post-crisis reforms and their policy impacts, and on post-crisis evaluation of restructuring implemented in the financial sector, this book will appeal to academics and those with specific interests in Asian studies and/or banking and finance. Policymakers - in particular those at central banks and treasuries - along with professionals in financial institutions and multinational firms, will find the book to be a fascinating read. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Liberalization and Growth in Asia: 21st Century Challenges (Mohamed Ariff)

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