Socio-Economic Challenges: The African Context

Socio-Economic Challenges: The African ContextThis book is designed to explore the following challenges and imperatives for African countries in the 21st century: liberalization of commercial and industrial activities in a deliberate effort to make them the preserve of the private sector, generation of an appropriate industrial and trade strategy, nurturing technology development, redressing the debt burden, curbing industrial strife, protection of the fragile natural environment, and reconsideration of the size and functions of government. PThe book stipulates the need for African leaders to create viable democratic systems of government, and generate appropriate ideologies through referendums to guide national pursuits and endeavors. It also highlights the need for Africa#146;s leaders to seek the cooperation and genuine participation of NGOs in generating solutions to national problems, and the necessity of the establishment of a long-term commitment to development programs among both the elite and the populace. Other stipulations proffered by the author include the reduction or complete removal of taxes on essential foodstuffs, and the strict secularization of governance and politics. The author also underscores the imperative for African nations to develop an ability to learn from socio-economic experiences of other countries, and for them to take advantage of the current altruism among industrialized nations to foster mutually beneficial north-south relations. PThe different notions and versions of economic though that constitute what is generally and collectively referred to as the theory of international trade are provided in the appendix. PThe book is mainly intended for policy makers in the African Union, aid officials in donor countries, and both graduate and undergraduate students in International Economics, Development Studies, and International Technology Analysis and Management. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Socio-Economic Challenges: The African Context

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