Supporting the Caregiver in Dementia: A Guide for Health Care Professionals

Supporting the Caregiver in Dementia: A Guide for Health Care ProfessionalsPDementia is one of the greatest challenges facing seniors and their caregivers around the globe. Developed by experts in both research and practice, this guide for mental health clinicians explores the experience of caregiving in dementia, discussing the latest research developments and sharing clinical pearls of wisdom that can easily be translated to daily practice.PThe contributors explore the history of caregiving and then examine the current demographics of caregivers for persons with dementia. They discuss who provides care, the settings in which it is delivered, and the rewards and burdens of caregiving. They place special emphasis on understanding the psychological needs of both the person with dementia and the caregiver, as well as interpersonal bonds, spiritual dimensions, and reactions to grief and loss. Using a multidisciplinary approach to treatment for caregivers, this book addresses the role of pharmacotherapy, individual and family interventions, and social supports. Finally, the authors reflect on societal issues such as health care policies, ethnic elders, and ethics.PThis volume offers health professionals insights into the daily lives of caregivers, along with tools to provide their patients with the support they need. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Supporting the Caregiver in Dementia: A Guide for Health Care Professionals

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