Sustainable Communities in Europe, William M. Lafferty

Sustainable Communities in Europe, William M. Lafferty* Comparative research on action to achieve local sustainable development in 11 European countries * The most broad-based and systematic study of Local Agenda 21 ever produced * Invaluable case studies and analysis for the future on achieving local sustainability PThe book presents detailed comparative research into the implementation in 11 European countries of Local Agenda 21 - the action plan for sustainable development at community level. Overviews of implementation in each country are accompaniedby analysis of positive and negative changes, as well as a comparative analysis with high academic and policy relevance. Numerous practical examples are included of best cases and crucial barriers. Highly relevant for preparations for the Earth Summit planned for 2002, the volume is directly relevant to political scientists and sociologists working on political change and governance issues. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Sustainable Communities in Europe (William M. Lafferty)

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