Government, Business, and the American Economy

This current and inclusive book discusses the role of government in American economy#151;Icovering such topics as antitrust laws, deregulation of communication, consumer protection, employment policy, and the roles of special interest groups. A look at international trading blocks, and America in a global economy, provides readers with an understanding of the far reaching effects of government on the U.S., and gives them a wealth of knowledge valuable in their everyday life as American citiens and consumers. Chapter topics include government regulation; the Supreme Court and the Sherman Act, Federal Trade Commission, and Clayton Acts; employment policies; environmental protection; deregulation of transportation, financial institutions, andcommunications; foreign trade; international trade; and the United States in a world economy. For individuals interested in learning more about the ways in which the government impacts the American economy#151;ranging from taxing to spending, and economc to social regulation. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Government, Business, and the American Economy

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