Strategies for Generating E-Business Returns on Investment

Strategies for Generating E-Business Returns on InvestmentCompanies invest in e-business and its supporting technology for their e-business initiatives. E-business applications such as supply chain management and customer relationship management improve transaction efficiency and scope economiesas well as promoting new product and service offerings and close customer relationships. However, it is difficult for companies to capture these benefits as economic value or profits. Many companies launching e-businesses have not been successful at creating economic value. To justify continued expenditures, it may be necessary for IT managers to move beyond simply demonstrating the benefits of technology and objectively demonstrate the increase in economic value these technologies can produce. To createvalue from e-business, companies may have to develop appropriate strategies or unique value propositions to complement their e-business investments. This book presents a group of studies that yield significant new insights into the creation of e-businessvalue. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Strategies for Generating E-Business Returns on Investment

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