The Profit Impact of Marketing Strategy Project : Retrospect and Prospects

The Profit Impact of Marketing Strategy Project : Retrospect and ProspectsNew developments in strategic thinking and econometric methods, alongside fundamental changes in technology and in the nature of competition argue the need for an in-depth but accessible assessment of the Profit Impact of Marketing Strategys project. Here, Paul Farris and Michael Moore gather together contributions from experts across the US and Europe to offer a retrospective analysis alongside innovative perspectives on future marketing strategy and performance assessment methods. Appealing to scholars and reflective practitioners interested in fostering new practical knowledge about business innovation and changes, this book not only explores new ways of thinking about and working with PIMS but also explores the unresolved issues arising from the original data. As the business community renews its attempts to recreate the kind of inter-firm cooperation that produced the PIMS project, sharing many of the ideals, this timely volume will broadly appeal. Обо всём этом и не только в книге The Profit Impact of Marketing Strategy Project : Retrospect and Prospects

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