International Retail Marketing : A Case Study Approach, Margaret Bruce

International Retail Marketing : A Case Study Approach, Margaret BruceInternational Retail Marketing combines a broad thematic overview of the key issues concerning international retail marketing with a series of incisive cases and examples of industry practice from markedly different sectors as fashion, food and healthcare. The authors provide an accessible and wide-ranging outline of the fundamentals of the subject, such as trends in retail marketing, strategy and logistics, and buying and merchandise management within an international perspective. Contributions from Europe, North America and Asia show the dynamics affecting international retailing through a variety of case. Key discussion points are highlighted throughout the text, giving a hands-on focus.

* A dedicated book on the dynamics and practice of international retail marketing, now a vital aspect for most undergraduate and graduate courses in retail marketing
* Learn the fundamentals of the subject in the succinct theoretical introduction, then see the key issues at work in the company cases that follow
* The international contributor team offers up a far-reaching, global perspective to provide insight into the industry Обо всём этом и не только в книге International Retail Marketing : A Case Study Approach (Margaret Bruce)

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