Success Behaviors of Highly Talented Managers : What Great Managers Actually Do

Success Behaviors of Highly Talented Managers : What Great Managers Actually DoThink about the great managers you worked for, or observed. Compare them with the not so great#151;what a difference. Which would you like to be? PGreat managers are always looking for ways to grow and learn, and you can to. All you need is a roadmap to guide you through. Success Behaviors of Highly Talented Managers is just that roadmap. PISuccess Behaviors of Highly Talented Managers is not theory. It is based on twenty years of research and observation of what real managers do on-the-job. It will give you the insight you need to build your own authentic leadership style, and use it to build a trusting work environment that gets results. These behaviors can be incorporated into your style today, and they really work. PTim McManus has been a trainer, mentor, coach and friend to thousands of successful managers. As the former Director of Leadership Development at one of the major financial services firms, Tim uncovered practical behaviors that lead to long-term managerial success. This is a must read for any manager, new or experienced, who wants to be great. Why not start today? Обо всём этом и не только в книге Success Behaviors of Highly Talented Managers : What Great Managers Actually Do

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