The E-Model: Prospering Beyond the Economic Storm

The E-Model: Prospering Beyond the Economic StormIs your personal financial condition structured for prosperity in either good OR bad economic times? Will your financial position stay strong whether: PThat layoff your company has discussed happens or not? PSocial security lasts another 100 years or if it completely disappears in 15? PThe market breaks record highs or sinks to 10 year lows? PInterest rates went up or down? PMedical costs rise or fall? What if you knew of a way to ensure that none of these conditions could weaken your personal economy? What if some of them could actually benefit you? In The E-Model: Prospering Beyond the Economic Storm, Roger C. Kelly reveals proven strategies for building an economic powerhouse. PBuy it today and learn how tocreate wealth, give your financial resources velocity, protect what you already have, and leave an economic legacy to your children#146;s children. Обо всём этом и не только в книге The E-Model: Prospering Beyond the Economic Storm

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