Gas Lift: Manual, Gabor, Ph.D. Takacs

Gas Lift: Manual, Gabor, Ph.D. TakacsGas lifting can be used throughout the whole lifespan of an oil well: from the time it dies until its abandonment. The Gas Lift Manual is a thorough, handy reference that is essential to the practicing engineer needing to successfully perform this type of artificial lift project. In his manual, Takacs imparts more than 30 years experience and research in the artificial lift methods arena. He starts the manual with an introduction to gas lift, and then moves on to the various parts of thegas lift model, including analysis and troubleshooting, as well as, common gas lift malfunctions. This book will be particularly useful to those needing to research this technology, as the author has supplied extensive resource references to other literature sources.

Features Benefits

A handy single-source reference

Includes extensive references for further research

Ample illustrations help the reader understand the text Обо всём этом и не только в книге Gas Lift: Manual (Gabor, Ph.D. Takacs)

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