The Kitchen Boy : A Novel of the Last Tsar

The Kitchen Boy : A Novel of the Last TsarDrawing from decades of work, travel, and research in Russia, Robert Alexander re-creates the tragic, perennially fascinating story of the final days of Nicholas and Alexandra as seen through the eyes of the Romanovs#146; young kitchen boy, Leonka. Now an ancient Russian immigrant, Leonka claims to be the last living witness to the Romanovs#146; brutal murders and sets down the dark secrets of his past with the imperial family. Does he hold the key to the many questions surrounding thefamily#146;s murder? Historically vivid and compelling, IThe Kitchen Boy is also a touching portrait of a loving family that was in many ways similar, yet so different, from any other.Download DescriptionTaut with suspense and rich in historical detail, The Kitchen Boy chronicles in an entirely new light the brutal slaying of Czar Nicholas II and his family It was a crime to horrify, fascinate, and mystify the ages. On the night of July 16, 1918, Bolshevik revolutionaries murdered the entire Russian royal family in a hail of gunfire. No one survived who might bear witness to what really happened on that mysterious and bloody night. Or so it was thought. In masterful historical detail and breathtaking suspense, Robert Alexander carries the reader through the entire heartrending story as told through the eyes of a real but forgotten witness, the kitchen boy. Narrated by the sole witness to the basement execution, The Kitchen Boy is historical fiction at its best. But more than that, the accessible style and intricately woven plot-with a stunning revelation at its end-will keep readers guessing throughout. This is a dream of a book... [Robert Alexanders] tough, stylish prose is the perfect medium for this fast-becoming myth of evil and innocence, of frailty and courage, of betrayal and redemption. -Judith Guest Through the power of the authors imagination, we see not only the tragedy of the Emperor, but that of a human being, man, and father. -Ivan Artsyshevsky, The Romanov Family Association Обо всём этом и не только в книге The Kitchen Boy : A Novel of the Last Tsar

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