I Right the Wrongs : A Novel, Dylan Schaffer

I Right the Wrongs : A Novel, Dylan SchafferIn this sequel to Misdemeanor Man, Dylan Schaffer returns with a mind-bending legal whodunit about small crime, big crime, and the reluctant lawyer caught in the middle.

Despite his recent successes in the courtroom, Gordon Seegerman is intent on sticking to his low-end practice, dealing with misdemeanors for the Santa Rita, California, public defenders office. His priority is his Manilow cover band, which is on the verge of hitting it big-if they can find a substitutefor their drummer, whps nine months pregnant and on bed rest, before a date with Barry in Vegas. But when the cops bust the states leading high school quarterback for dog-napping and possession of marijuana, and then the dogs owners wife winds up dead, Gordon finds himself back in the wrong sort of spotlight, and back at work.

And work has never meant so much trouble. The judge has a pathological disregard for the law. The city is on the verge of a violent eruption. And the client looks like he might be the next homicide victim. Forced into the most serious case of his life, Gordon discovers the truth behind a decades-old murder and learns a shocking lesson: he may not be the Misdemeanor Man after all.

A thrilling blend of mystery and Manilow, I Right the Wrongs will have you racing for the final page, singing all the way.
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