Dark Harbor, David Hosp

Dark Harbor, David HospScott Finn, rising star at a Boston law firm, has worked hard to pull himself out of the Charlestown projects. When the body of his co-worker and old flame, Natalie Caldwell, floats to the surface of Boston Harbor, Finn is grief stricken. But almost immediately, he#146;s tapped by the firm to replace her in the defense of a high-profile client. As he retraces Natalie#146;s footsteps, Finn begins to unravel the awful mystery of her murder. But police lieutenant Linda Flaherty is also hot on the trail. What neither Finn nor Flaherty realize is what#146;s at stake if the truth is uncovered: billions of dollars, the careers of the Massachusetts elite, and their own survival. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Dark Harbor (David Hosp)

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